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Reusable Plastic Formwork Guidelines

Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 01:35 am

When it comes to using formwork in building construction, the most suited, compatible, and efficient one is plastic formwork. With a huge increase in the use of plastic formworks, construction businesses are investing in newer ways to utilize it. One of the main reasons for the growing importance of plastic formworks is its reusability. Reusable plastic formworks have literally taken the construction world by storm.

The benefits of reusable plastic formworks are many and all real. Saving on time, money, and labour is just the tip of the iceberg. Today, we’ll discuss an overview of what exactly reusable plastic formworks are along with its many useful features. We’ll also review the pros and cons of reusable plastic formworks to understand why it’s become so important in construction.

What is reusable plastic formwork?

Reusable plastic formwork is a material composed of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and fibreglass. ABS is the plastic of choice in formworks due to its high levels of mechanical strength, combined with shock-resistance abilities. ABS is also a stable substance with high surface quality. When combined with fibreglass, it forms a durable, stable, and strong reusable plastic formwork.

The benefit of reusable plastic formwork is the ease with which labourers, even unskilled workforces, can assemble and handle it. The light-weight nature and flexibility are extremely helpful in storage, transportation, and handling. Reusable plastic formwork reviews have shown that they can be used for almost any kind of construction.

From columns and pillars to foundations and walls, plastic formworks can do it all. The ability to shape it into different forms and sizes is a great advantage in the construction arena.

Let’s now look at the prominent features offered by reusable plastic formworks.

Features of Reusable Plastic Formwork

Recent studies have shown a trend in construction companies moving more and more towards using plastic formworks. The trend is catching on fast across the globe and for good reason too! Here are some of the main features that make reusable plastic formworks so reliable.

  • The light-weight existence of plastic formworks makes them very easy to handle during construction The need for cranes and other heavy-lifting machines is completely eliminated when you use plastic formwork. In fact, it can be easily installed and operated by a single person.
  • The combination of ABS and fibreglass in reusable plastic formworks makes them adaptable to both cold and hot They are especially useful in damp areas like basements, underground constructions, etc.
  • In the long run, the reusable and durable nature of plastic formworks gives a huge relief to financial Compared to other conventional formworks, the reusable plastic formworks bring the project budget down drastically when used right.
  • Plastic formworks do not require the use of a release agent once the structure is It’s easy to remove and provides a smooth, even finishing without any additional work.
  • Many of the reusable plastic formwork pieces in the market today are modular in This means they conform to specific sizes that can be used as per the requirement. Unlike other formworks, you use only the amounts that are needed to pour concrete.
  • Another benefit of reusable plastic formwork is the ease of Concrete doesn’t stick to the plastic pieces, making the dismantling process much easier than traditional ones like wood. Cleaning involves a simple spray of water without the need for extra labour or added cleansers.

Various applications of reusable plastic formwork

Now that we have a clear understanding of the various features, it’s time to learn the applications of plastic formworks. A material that is so light, durable, and easy to use has numerous applications in today’s evolving construction industry. Here are some of the tried and tested areas where reusable plastic formworks have been utilized.

  • All types of buildings — plastic formworks are flexible and versatile enough to use in any and all types of building Houses, commercial complexes, and even certain industrial projects are handled using reusable plastic formworks.
  • Dark and damp areas — places like basements and tunnels that require construction work benefit from the use of plastic Where traditional materials like timber can lead to leakages and damages, plastic formworks are there to save the day.
  • Infrastructure — constructions of bridges, piers, and other infrastructures benefit largely from the use of reusable plastic The ease of transportation and handling comes in handy at such sites.
  • Enclosed structures — construction of dams, tanks, and other enclosed areas are another application of plastic Several reusable plastic formwork reviews have described the advantage over other conventional formworks in these types of constructions.

These are the known and successful applications of reusable plastic formworks. There’s no doubt that this list will only grow in the future as more applications are identified.

Quick Pros and Cons of Reusable Plastic Formworks

Let’s now make a quick list of the pros and cons of reusable plastic formwork. This will give us a bird’s eye view of whether or not the hype around plastic formworks is justified!

Pros of reusable plastic formworks:

  • Easy to use, light-weight, and durable
  • Resistant to water, rust, alkali substances, and corrosion
  • Versatile nature that allows for building in any size, shape, and dimension as
  • Low maintenance with almost zero cleaning requirements
  • Reusability of over 30 times more than conventional formworks
  • Cost-effectiveness thanks to the reusability, flexibility, and durable nature

Cons of reusable plastic formworks:

  • It doesn’t have a very high load-bearing capacity as compared to other formworks like wood or
  • Plastic moulds can be expensive for smaller orders and initial
  • Although fusion of ABS and fiberglass, reusable plastic formworks cannot endure extremely high heat

With a higher number of pros than cons, reusable plastic formworks are here to stay! If the features and advantages listed here are any indications, plastic formworks will soon lead the construction industry. With more applications in the pipeline, plastic formworks have ushered in an age of innovation, sustainability, and safe work environments.

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