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Plastic Formwork is the future of Formwork. As industry leaders in Plastic Formwork Construction, we specialise in fast and easy forming of almost any structure. 

This new and innovative way of staying ahead of the game shortens construction time, reduces the reliance on skilled labour, and saves money on every job without cutting corners. 

With each panel weighing less than 10kg, Plastic Formwork is safer to handle than conventional formwork, and reduces the need for handling equipment. This also makes it very simple to assemble the formwork and move it around site as well as reducing transport costs.

With up to 50% reduction in set up time, Plastic Formwork saves countless hours and thousands of dollars.  

Our definitive edge over the competition is our affordable rates, paired with our quality of work. This is evidenced by the high amount of repeat business and referrals we receive.

Why Choose Us For Your Formwork?

✔️ Re-usable - up to 100 times
✔️ Recyclable
✔️ Acid Resistant
✔️ Alkali Resistant

✔️ Waterproof
✔️ Moistureproof
✔️ Anti-corrosion

plastic concrete formwork

✔️ Light weight
✔️ Eco-friendly
✔️ Wearproof

✔️ Strenth
✔️ Hardness
✔️ Quality
✔️ Heat Resistant
✔️ Freezing resistance

Our Quality Product

We are renowned for the top-notch, reliable and affordable services we offer our esteemed clients. The use of finest grade tools, optimum quality aluminium bars and cutting edge formwork technology has enhanced our capabilities. 

Different Types of Plastic Formwork

Plastic formwork is a low maintenance, cost-effective, and environment-friendly alternative to the other formworks. As such, it is utilised in various ways as detailed below.

Plastic Formwork for Walls

Used in constructing walls for boundaries, storm drains, irrigation canals, etc .

Plastic Formwork for Concrete

Used for structural elements like walls, columns and slabs with great precision.

Plastic Formwork for Column

Used for fully or partially flexible column, including hinges and external support.

Plastic Formwork for Floors

Light-weight and disposable modular flooring formworks.

Plastic Formwork for Corner Walls

Used to construct right-angled corner walls easily in the least amount of time.

Plastic Formwork for Slab Construction

Used to build moulds for making slabs that are used in construction.

What is Plastic Formwork?

Plastic formwork is a style of building concrete structures with reusable plastic moulds. This method requires almost no labor skills, gets the job done in record time, with minimal wastage in the process.

With competition in the business getting tighter and more advanced by the day, the need for newer and more efficient formwork techniques is crucial. 

Plastic formwork systems have created a buzz in the construction industry since it was introduced. The numerous advantages it offers in terms of flexibility, cost-savings, and quick turnaround makes plastic formwork a valuable asset.

Plastic Formwork has almost completely replaced the traditional wood and steel formwork in many construction markets. It can be reused up to 100 times. 

The cost of buying enough timber for 100 uses is enough for businesses to make the switch to plastic formwork in a heartbeat. Adding on administration costs, time spent building wooden formwork, and the wastage levels, it’s no wonder that the industry has embraced plastic formwork with open arms.

Dual Advantages of Plastic Formwork


Plastic formwork systems are made using top-grade plastic waste material. This gives a dual advantage of waste utilisation, as well as ensuring there are no harmful chemical reactions. 

Also, concrete doesn’t stick to the plastic material, making the pouring, removal, and cleaning processes extremely easy. This also has the added advantage of delivering smooth and high-quality end products once the mould is removed.


The 7 Benefits of Plastic Formwork

1.  High durability and sturdiness of plastic formwork – this has made it an ideal choice for any type of construction.

2.  Easily adapts into shapes – for walls, columns, slabs, beams, etc.

3.  Maintains the shape consistently through the entire process. 

4.  Easy to install, easy to use, and even easier to dismantle – ready for the next use.

5.   Best choice to offer customers the best quality, reasonable rates, and quick turnaround.

6.   Environmental and safety aspects – plastic formwork is recycles and completely eco-friendly, causing the least amount of wastage.

7.   Win-win for everyone involved.

Advantages of Plastic Formwork

Traditional formworks require a large workforce working over a long period of time to get the structures ready. The easier, cost-effective alternative is the use of plastic formworks. These require minimal skills and are highly flexible too.

Here are some of the benefits of plastic formwork for concrete construction:

Why Should You Use Plastic Formwork?

Formworks are temporary structures used in the construction business. Therefore, the main factors to look for in formworks are durability, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Plastic formworks offer all of these and much more.


Plastic formworks, being light-weight and very sturdy, are both easy to use and capable of being reused multiple times.


Accuracy of the finished product is crucial in construction. Plastic formworks are reliable and don’t lose their shape or quality easily.


Reusability, durability, cheaper material, and lower labour costs make plastic formworks the most affordable variant in the business.

plastic concrete formwork system

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