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Safety Benefits of Plastic Formwork in Concrete Construction

Last updated on September 26th, 2022 at 01:43 am

The construction industry is one that depends heavily on the accuracy, stability, and economy of its processes. Every activity and each of the materials need to work in tandem with one another for projects to be successful. In this type of business, formwork is one of the crucial elements that holds together all the construction work. It is the building block of construction, covering 40% to 60% of the entire project scope.

For a component of such paramount importance, it is no surprise that numerous materials have been used to create it. From steel to plywood, and aluminium to timber, formwork has been created to suit different construction purposes. One of the more recent entrants in this elite list is plastic formwork. Plastic formwork benefits in concrete construction are so numerous that it is among the most used in the construction world.

To understand the extent to which plastic formwork benefits the construction industry, we must first understand what it is. Read on for a detailed description of plastic formworks, followed by our list of plastic formwork benefits.

What are Plastic Formwork?

Plastic formwork are moulds made using high-quality plastics. These are generally infused with toughened fibreglass in order to reinforce the load-bearing capacity of the material. They carry a load of poured concrete until it is dry and ready to stand by itself. ABS is used in plastic formworks due to its high mechanical strength compared to regular plastics. Moreover, it has a higher resistance to shock and is a stable plastic component.

Plastic formworks can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes as desired for the construction project. It affects not only the concrete framework but also the time it takes to complete the project, and the budget. Plastic formworks offer more advantages to the construction industry than most other formwork types.

So, why exactly have plastic formworks become such a sought-after material? What factors of plastic formwork impact construction businesses positively? Here’s a list of reasons why plastic formwork benefits your construction project.

Plastic Formwork Benefits in construction

Formwork generally require a large workforce that ultimately leads to increased project costs. In recent years, the construction industry has worked hard to introduce a system that is both economical and easy-to-use. Plastic formwork is the result of this labour,which is why it’s become popular among construction businesses across the globe. Here are the plastic formwork benefits in concrete construction.

  • Ease of use and light-weight — the lightweight nature of plastic formworks benefit both the workforce and the construction The labour workforce can handle this light-weight material very easily without the need for skills training. The construction business also benefits from this due to the ease of transporting and storing plastic formwork components.
  • Reusability — this is perhaps the most useful differentiating factor between plastic formwork and other Plastic formwork that can be reused almost 100 times more than others, which is a huge advantage to the industry. Lower-graded plastic formworks are also sometimes recycled to create other formwork or plastic components.
  • Resistant to water, rust, and other chemicals — plastic formworks by nature do not react with water, rust or other corrosive This makes it an ideal choice in most construction types, especially in areas that are damp or involve underground work.
  • No size limitations — plastic formworks are not limited to certain pre-specified sizes and shapes as with some others They can be moulded into various large or small sizes as needed for almost any construction site. Plastic formwork benefits construction companies immensely with this unique feature.
  • No wastage and low maintenance — using plastic formwork results in almost no wastage since the material can easily be reused to make other plastic They also do not require much effort for cleaning since a simple water spray can clean up used formwork easily. Concrete does not stick to the material, making it a very low maintenance product.

Economic, Environment, and Safety benefits of plastic formworks

In addition to the benefits detailed above, plastic formworks also benefit the concrete construction industry in important ways.

  • Economical plastic formwork benefits — the reusability, recyclability, and other factors listed above lead to plastic formworks being one of the most economical options. In the long run, especially, plastic formworks offer huge financial savings for construction
  • Environmental benefits of plastic formwork — energy reduction is one of the main plastic formwork benefits to the Less energy is utilised to create and handle plastic formworks since it does not require high temperatures or heavy machinery. Added to this are the savings in freight services owing to the light and flexible nature of plastic formwork.
  • Safety benefits of plastic formwork — being light and versatile, plastic formworks tend to cause the least amount of damages or injuries at a construction. Injuries or damages that do occur, if at all, are more often than not very minor and easy to rectify.

The above plastic formwork benefits are just the tip of the iceberg! They have made plastic formworks an important part of the construction world, with more businesses moving towards it every day.

Plastic Formwork in Concrete Construction — the Bottom line!

Looking at this list of wholesome plastic formwork benefits in concrete construction, we can conclude that it’s truly a boon. Plastic formwork is leading the change in the way the construction industry operates. Plastic formworks offer largescale advantages in two of the main areas of concern in today’s world — environmental issues and safety. Thanks to the benefits offered in each of these areas, plastic formworks are a natural choice for construction businesses today.

Although plastic formworks do have some drawbacks for certain types of construction, the advantages it offers far outweigh them. Plastic formworks are key in speeding up a construction project while also lowering costs and caring for the surroundings. This is something that almost no other formwork type can accomplish. Our bottom line — plastic formworks are certainly the way of the future and they are here to stay.

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