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Plastic formwork has landed – the future of the formwork Industry, our product surpasses ply in quality, strength, and durability. 

The first to launch in Australia, we have a demonstrated history of supplying the best quality formwork.

A cost-effective option, It is durable and can be maintained with little to no maintenance. 

Our product contributes to a cleaner world and less construction related waste.

plastic formwork for sale

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    What is Plastic Formwork?

    Plastic formwork is an innovative replacement for the traditional ply form that can be found in all sites across the country. The advantages of our product – Flexibility, cost savings, and a quick turnaround have been well received by the construction industry.

    With up to 100 uses, It is far more durable and can weather the harsh Australian climates. From the tropics to the desert, our product will stand tall and save you money along the way.

    As the price of timber increases and the usage levels remain the same – businesses across the country are turning to us for a better solution. 

    Forgo, the administration costs, build time, and wastage levels that are common with ply formwork. Switch to plastic and understand the difference.

    It is made from top-grade recycled plastic – creating a better environment for tomorrow as well as removing waste that wouldn’t have been traditionally used for anything.

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    plastic concrete formwork system

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    Business Benefits Of Our Reusable Plastic Formwork Sheets

    Product Features Of Our Reusable
    Plastic Formwork Sheets

    Plastic formwork recycleable

    ✔️ Recyclable
    ✔️ Acid Resistant
    ✔️ Alkali Resistant

    Plastic formwork water proof

    ✔️ Waterproof
    ✔️ Moistureproof
    ✔️ Anti-corrosion

    feature of Plastic formwork
    Plastic formwork light weight

    ✔️ Light weight
    ✔️ Eco-friendly
    ✔️ Wearproof

    plastic formwork heat resistant

    ✔️ Hardness
    ✔️ Heat Resistant
    ✔️ Freezing resistance

    Our Quality Product

    Our plastic formwork for sale comes in the following thicknesses.

    Plastic formwork sheet

    Different Uses of Our Plastic Formwork Sheeting

    It is low maintenance, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. As such, it can be utilised in the following ways.

    Plastic Formwork for Walls

    Plastic Formwork for Walls

    Plastic Formwork for Columns

    Plastic Formwork for Columns

    Plastic Formwork for Floors

    Plastic Formwork for Soffits

    Pastic Formwork for Concrete Slabs

    Pastic Formwork for Concrete Slabs


    "We have been using the plastic sheets and we are impressed! They leave a smooth shiny concrete finish, they are easy to clean and we have gotten more uses out of the sheets than the traditional ply we always buy."
    Martin Sweeney
    Managing Director - Perdon

    Knowledge About Plastic Formwork

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What sizes do they come in?

    2400 x 1200 x 17mm (2.88m2) or 1800 x 1200 x 17mm (2.16m2). Can be custom made into different length, widths and thickness. Also can be made to suit formwork panels systems

    Whats the class finish does it achieve?

    The sheet surfaces are smooth and shiny finish like glass so the sheets can be used up to class 2 finishes. Possibly class 1 in certain circumstances.

    What happens if left out in the weather?

    The sheets will fade slightly however they do not absorb water, warp, rot or degrade over time.

    What happens with drop stripping everything?

    Dropping stripping is fine but not recommended as per our handling guidelines. The sheets are flexible and unlikely to break.

    What is the weight of sheets?

    Each 2400 x 1200 x 17mm sheet weights 36kg, each 1800 x 1200 x 17mm sheet weights 26kg.

    How durable are they?

    Very durable and long lasting – the sheets can used 50 plus times of handled and stored correctly. Small holes in the sheets can be repaired using silicone as well.

    Do they break if you nail them?

    No they don’t – please see this video of them being nailed.

    How many uses can I get out of the sheets?

    50 times plus depending on how the sheets are treated on site.

    What about the slippage on it?

    We are currently doing slip testing for the sheets and we can share the results with you shortly.

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